Individual relationship, self-esteem, depression and anxiety counselling in Belfast & Bangor NI

Karen Lawrence
BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor & Supervisor
Member of ATSAC

Individual, Couples & Family Counselling
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Belfast and Bangor, Northern Ireland

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Karen Lawrence

"Day and evening appointments available."

BACP Registered and Accredited

"All the evidence suggests that it is how you manage change that matters, not the fact that you experience such a change in your life."

Suzie Hayman

individual counselling

One-to-One Counselling

Fundamental to my practice is acknowledging and valuing the uniqueness of individual clients. I respect your own set of realities and your own meanings about the situations in which you find yourself.

I will engage with you with empathy, genuineness and acceptance and create a safe and supportive environment within which you can explore and address your concerns.

One-to-One Counselling

One-to-One counselling can be about a wide range of issues, for example, abuse, bereavement, anxiety, low mood, self-esteem, life transitions, relationships, sex, sexuality, stress and external life events. By exploring the problem I can help clarify the issues and make sense of happened. I can also help you address the root of the problem and take action to deal with it.

Having had a difficult break up it occurred to me that my decision making since had been adversely effecting me. Trends in relationships found me sacrificing my own happiness and confidence and self belief waned in consequence. A friend referred me to Karen's practice due to her expertise in relationship psychology.

It was important for me to move forward positively and with greater understanding why we often make the poor choices we do. I learnt to forgive myself for decisions that I felt effected me and others. With greater understanding of the actions of others and the trends that leave us in the same predicament time and time again. The experience was indeed enlightening and has helped me understand myself and others better. I feel better prepared to make decisions, and, in interactions with others. Self reflection is an important part of our development, and I recommend Karen as a professional that can really help the process!
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Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is available for individuals, couples and families. You can attend whether you are single and are having difficulties maintaining and sustaining relationships, or, as one party of a couple.

You may be deciding whether to marry or not marry, to stay or leave a relationship, choosing between relationships, or be trying to make sense of and understand why your relationship has broken down. In working individually couple issues can still be solved by keeping a relationship focus.

Work Related Counselling

Work can be a very stressful place. The reasons for this may be many and varied. Some include personality issues with line managers or colleagues. You may feel you are being bullied, or, harassed which can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear as well as physical and emotional ill health.

I can offer a containing and supportive environment within which you can address the causes of your stress and help find solutions to the problems being faced.

I would have been in a dreadful state had I not been fortunate enough to have Karen as my counsellor. With all her directions and gentle prodding I feel more confident to go forward.
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Sex addictions

I have experienced an increase in clients presenting with sex addictions. Shame is often a big part of this process and I will deal sensitively with this. Consequences of sex addiction can be devastating including loss of a relationship, home, job and self-esteem.

I will make an assessment as to whether this is an addiction. If this is the case I will explore the underlying factors and work with you to aid recovery.

Individual relationship counselling sessions are available at our Belfast and Bangor locations. For more information about relationship counselling, self-esteem, depression or anxiety counselling please contact us today.